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Member agreement

Article 1 membership registration

1. Membership registration procedures should be performed by the person who becomes a member. Registration by anyone other than the person who becomes a member is not allowed at all.

Members are prohibited from making false registration at the time of membership registration and after membership registration, when using services provided by enigmo. Please register accurate and true information.

In the event of any change in the registration details, the member shall immediately amend the registration details in accordance with the procedures prescribed by enigmo. The member is responsible for managing and revising the registration contents so that accurate information of the member is registered at all times.

4. If the member has not notified the change in the registered information in accordance with the procedures prescribed by enigmo, the member may treat the registered information as unchanged. Even if there is a notification of the change, the transactions and procedures carried out before the change registration may comply with the information before the change registration.

Enigmo shall not be liable for any damage, whether direct or indirect, caused by the member's registration.

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