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Return and exchange

We do not accept exchange or return for your convenience.

Please note that the size is different from the image, the size does not fit, the size is wrong and the order is wrong etc. In the case of defective products, we accept return and exchange at our expense.

After you notify us of the defective product, please return the product to us within 3 days after the product arrives.

The return shipping fee will be credited to your bank account. I will reship the new goods. We do not accept used goods without tags except for obvious defects.

Used, worn, washed goods

Due to the customer's responsibility, the goods are damaged, dirty and damaged goods

It is the customer's responsibility to lose accessories (box, guarantee card, commodity tag, storage bag, etc.), cannot return or exchange, please understand.

In addition, we do not accept returns or exchanges for any reason after 3 days of delivery.

Please place your order with full understanding.

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